Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Please take a few minutes to review these terms and conditions.  Your use of the naturalsbrands.com website constitutes your agreement to comply with the listed rules.  If you disagree with any of the conditions or terms, please do not use the naturalsbrands.com website. This website is intended only for use by commercial accounts for the purpose of resale purchases.

Copyright Notice
All naturalsbrands.com website contents, including page headers, footers, images, graphics, and text are subject to trademark, service mark, trade dress, and any other intellectual property rights or licenses held by Naturals Brands, Inc.  No item may be remanufactured or reproduced in any form, without expressed written permission from Naturals Brands, Inc.  To avoid copyright infringement please download, complete and return our Copyright Request Form.

Use of images
You may download, print, and use for publication images from the naturalsbrands.com website provided you:

  1. Contact Naturals Brands at [email protected] for permission.
  2. List any published images with the following information—“Photo Courtesy of Naturals Brands, Inc.”
  3. Do not modify or alter images in any way.
  4. Retain no right, title, or interest in any downloaded material as a result of your downloading.

Naturals Brands, Inc. reserves complete right to all written and visual content from the naturalsbrands.com website.  Permission must be obtained from Naturals Brands, Inc. prior to using any material from this website.

Product Information
Most products shown on this site are also displayed at Naturals Brands showrooms across the United States; however in some cases merchandise for sale may only be shown on this website or in selected showrooms.  Prices shown on the naturalsbrands.com website are in U.S. dollars and are valid only in the United States.  Naturals Brands, Inc. retains the right to change prices and product packs when indicated.  Due to fluctuations in inventory, Naturals Brands, Inc. cannot guarantee product availability at all times.

Naturals Brands, Inc. prides itself on having accurate color representation of its product; however due to a wide range of variance of color calibration on individual monitors, we cannot guarantee that your monitor will display color accurately.

Website Changes
Naturals Brands, Inc. reserves the right to update or modify information at anytime without prior notice.  By using this website, you will be subject to any terms and condition changes as they may occur.

By using this Website, you are acknowledging full responsibility for use of the site, including all risks and costs associated with all necessary servicing or repairs of any equipment you might incur while using the naturalsbrands.com website.  Naturals Brands, Inc. will not be held liable for any damages related to your use of this site.  By using the site, you also agree to hold Naturals Brands, Inc. harmless from and against any claims, damages, costs, and expenses including attorneys’ fees which may arise from your use of the site.